Purina® TIDY CAT Breeze Cat Litter Box System

Today’s adventure started with printing the coupon for $7.00 off http://www.tidycats.com/products/breeze

It did not print a bar code which proved to be an issue. I printed it twice and same thing. So I decided to go ahead and see if the store would honor it or not. All of the stores I looked at online and local have it on sale for $29.99. Petco did not show the sale price in store and would not honor the coupon. Petsmart on the hand did honor the coupon with no bar code and had the sale price. There was also a $5.00 off sticker on the box as well. Total of $12.00 off making this kit about $20.00!


The pellets and pads are on sale online at Petco

I found a coupon to use at Amazon

Bottom line is I decided to give this a try with Gizmo the diabetic cat and hope it will save me money on litter in the long run.